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Efficient & Affordable Solutions: Your Reclamation Company in Dunmore

If you’re seeking a dependable reclamation company in the Dunmore region, Weir Construction offers a range of services and equipment that support Alberta’s prominent industries. While the company's main focus has been to provide efficient and affordable solutions for the oil industry, it has also been heavily involved with farmers and with recreational development (ex. golf courses), and even fire prevention and control.

With the natural evolution of industry and growing concern over the environment, Weir Construction has developed itself into a leader in the reclamation and remediation field, providing its customers with cost-efficient and timely solutions to sometimes unique problems.

Weir Construction is always looking for new ways to set itself apart from the competition. So, in addition to hiring skilled and creative people, Weir Construction has invested in some unique equipment to help us do the job better, smarter and more effectively. Listed below are a couple of things that might help you decide why we're right for your needs.

Besides all of our regular reclamation and remediation equipment (rotospics, harrows, seeders, crimpers, etc.) Weir Construction has additionally acquired a “Trail Groomer.” This effectively repairs prairie trails by removing washboard and pulling gravel back into trails.

Another new addition is the “Native Grass Harvester.” Using this machine, we can now pick up native prairie grass from adjacent areas and spread it on areas where grass has been removed due to construction and development. This unique device utilizes the natural plants and grasses for effective, natural re-growth and prevents noxious weed growth that might otherwise develop with the introduction of commercial seeding.

From “Cradle” to the “Grave” with Quality

Our goal is to provide a complete lease management service from start to finish (receipt of reclamation certificates).

  • To provide you with an honest day’s work at a fair price
  • To work with you to suit your requirements in a safe environment
  • To complete your project in an expeditious, professional and dedicated manner


Have a Clean Slate

We specialize in delivering oil and gas lease reclamation certificates

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