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Safety is Our #1 Priority

Weir Construction’s commitment to safety can't be any clearer, “Safety is Our #1 Priority.” Weir Construction does not jeopardize the safety of our employees, our clients, the public or the environment. Our job is to make this world a healthier and safer place.

The company is proud of its safety record in both Alberta and Saskatchewan. Since the commencement of our business in 1951, there have been no major accidents and only 6 minor accidents.

Weir Construction Ltd. has been recognized as having an “Accredited Health and Safety Program” and for a number of years has participated in a health and Safety Program. Weir Construction has a Certificate of Recognition or what is commonly referred to as COR. The company has had merits of Safety from both Alberta and Saskatchewan and most recently has been awarded a “2006 Best Safety Performer” with Occupational Health and Safety.

Below are some links to these awards.

Letter from Occupation Health and Safety

Safety Award 2006

COR Certification 2020

ISN Qualified

Weir employees must be safety trained and qualified in their area of expertise. Weir Construction happily incurs the costs of safety as we believe it saves not only lives but helps us financially as well. If an employee needs to take a dangerous goods course then it will be done, a first aid course, a hydrogen sulfide course, a confined space course, etc. Whatever is reasonably justifiable to keep our people and the environment safe, will be done. Weir Construction has its Certificate of Recognition or what it more commonly known as its “COR Certification” as recognized by the Alberta Construction Safety Association. Our employees also have First Aid; WHMIS; Ground Disturbance: H2S; Transportation of Dangerous Goods tickets and hearing tests yearly.


Have a Clean Slate

We specialize in delivering oil and gas lease reclamation certificates

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