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Our Company History

Weir Construction Ltd. derived its name from Charles William Weir, as did the street on which it is located. In 1951, Charlie purchased his first piece of heavy equipment, a TD 14 CH Crawler; he and his work being forever respected!

In the 1960's, he expanded his operations, and then in the mid-1970's founded the company known as C.W. Weir and Sons, which he proudly ran with two of his sons, Glenn and Bill, until the time of his passing in 1985.

Dams, dugouts, reservoirs, road construction, and excavation of all sorts were the order of many a long day for the Weirs and their numerous employees. The company worked with everyone, working for farmers, ranchers, businesses, and governments alike. Eventually, the title C.W.Weir (91) Ltd. was established, and it continued in construction until 1997, at which time Bob, the third of Charlie's sons, directed the business. Bob moved the company more extensively into oilpatch related works. Hence the formation of Weir Construction Ltd.

While changes occurred somewhat in title and description, many long-time employees continue in the company, maintaining a wealth of experience and expertise. With our quality people, positive attitudes, and ambitious energy we hope to ensure our reputation of customer satisfaction in a safe and friendly atmosphere.


Have a Clean Slate

We specialize in delivering oil and gas lease reclamation certificates

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