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Weir Construction Ltd. Employees

Weir Construction Ltd. takes great pride in all of its employees. Below is a list of the company’s full-time employees with which Weir would not be half the company it is.

Bob Weir – President

Since Bob has been President of Weir Construction Ltd., he has been instrumental in moving the company forward. When Bob took on a more substantial role in the company approximately 10 years ago, he recognized an opportunity. As awareness of environmental concerns has continued to grow, it became apparent to Bob that a company focusing on reclamation and remediation had great potential. By directing the company towards reclamation and remediation services, the company has taken on a major role in this ever expanding market.

So while Bob steers the company in the right direction, it is only with a strong crew does it stay on the right course. For a company to be truly successful, it needs the right people in the right environment.

Below is a list of some of the most qualified people in the business. Bob takes great pride in the following employees and recognizes that Weir Construction Ltd. today is stronger then it has ever been, thanks to them.

Dave Barton –  General Manager

Dave, an Oil & Gas Division Foreman, began as an equipment operator when he joined Weir Construction. Previously, he worked 15 years at Southland Equipment, a John Deere Farm Equipment Dealership, venturing from Heavy Duty Mechanic, to Service Manager, to Customer Support Rep., to Assistant General Manager. Dave's background in management together with an overall knowledge of many aspects of the industry, is an assurance for excellent results for our clients and the company.

Wade Schmidt – Field Foreman

Wade worked for the R.M. of Reno (Saskatchewan) and for the local farmers and ranchers since 1980. Wade was originally employed for his mechanical abilities but expressed interest in operating equipment, which he does full time in our oilfield division. He has been one of our main operators for lease and pipeline construction, working for companies like Sceptre Resources Ltd., Alberta Energy, Wascana Energy, Crestar Energy, Petro Canada and Esso. Wade has excelled in this field to the point where clients have requested him back on several projects.

Murray Pfeifer – Field Foreman

Murray has over 40 years of experience in the earthmoving and reclamation fields. He started at Weir Construction in 1977 and has worked for numerous other companies over the years. He has experience in highway and road building, lease construction, clean ups and reclamation. Murray is organized and has an excellent safety record, as well as extensive supervisory experience from oilfield consulting to river reclamation projects and everything in between. Murray has been with Weir Construction for 21 of his 40 year work experience.

Employee Qualifications

Weir Construction takes pride in its employees and their qualifications.

If you would like additional information on the personal qualifications of our employees and their safety-related tickets, please check out the safety section.

Have a Clean Slate

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