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Services for the Oil Patch: Helping Alberta and Saskatchewan Customers

Boiler/Steamer Services

Weir Construction Ltd. provides specialized mobile dry and wet steamer/boiler and Hotsy services to the oil patch in Alberta and Saskatchewan at this time, but we plan to provide our services to B.C. in the near future.

Services include thawing lines, tanks, vessels, etc., also cleaning & thawing well heads & tanks with our Hotsy/Steamer.

All our boilers are all certified by ABSA every year. Our operators are also trained and certified by ABSA.


The dry boilers are sized from 30hp up to 60hp, while the wet Hotsy, are rated from 343,000/BTU/Hr. to 830,000/BTU/Hr.

Our Services are available 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.


Have a Clean Slate

We specialize in delivering oil and gas lease reclamation certificates

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